Tim Emmett


Tim Emmett

Tim Emmett

For the last decade, Tim Emmett has put off becoming a parent for as long as possible—he thought his adventures would be over. But now that he's a dad, he's found that was just an excuse—he still has plenty of time to go out on adventures, though that time is less than it used to be. As a result, Tim has turned up the dials and become more efficient. From the moment he leaves the house, it's go time! He really loves making each moment count, and it makes those moments away from family or work much more meaningful. The feeling of freedom has been amplified, and now Tim is climbing harder and having more fun than ever.  

Discipline: Ice/mixed climbing, alpinism, DWS

Hometown: Tauntown, UK

Currently Living: Squamish, BC, Canada

Height: 175 cm

Career Highlights: FInding climbing, traveling the world and meeting amazing people along the way; Getting to the top of Helmcken Falls, BC with Klemen Premrl after a three-year mission; Surviving a 10-year BASE jumping career; FA of Kedar Dome, Himalaya all free and without falls, 2007; Redpointing Captain America (5.14b) in 2014 after turning 40 and becoming a dad. 

When did you first start climbing/skiing?

At school at 15. 

What do you most enjoy about your sport? 

Freedom and sharing incredible experiences in some of the outstandingly beautiful places on Earth. 

What are you most proud of, either in life, your sport, or both? 

Becoming a dad. 

Who are your heroes?

Lynn Hill, Stefan Glowacz, Stevie Haston and recently Chris Bonington for climbing the 460-foot sea stack Old Man of Hoy for his 80th birthday! Laird Hamilton for pioneering big wave surfing. Loic Jean Albert for inspiring me to fly wingsuits. 

What inspires you? 

The unknown and the concept of one's possibility. 

What are you hobbies outside of your sport? 

Mountain biking, splitboarding, whitewater SUPing, freediving, wingsuit flying. 

What's your guilty pleasure? 

An ice cold beer after a big day out climbing. 

Tell us about your favorite place in the world:

Yosemite is my ultimate playground especially in the early spring or late fall when it's quiet. The scenery is breathtaking and moving quickly up and down the faces is the best! I also love going to Helmcken Falls, it's like nowhere else I have ever been, the sound and power of the waterfall is so impressive and the cave is huge. It's a very powerful place. 

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

A fighter jet pilot or a superhero. :)

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why? 

I'd like to have fingers as strong as Alex Megos, then I could crush all my projects and do something really hard. 

Tell us about a time in your life when you have been scared:

When I stood next to the top of a 1600-foot cliff in Lauterbrunnen preparing for my first BASE jump. It felt very unintuitive to throw myself into the air with only a small backpack with carefully folded thin pieces of nylon inside to stop my fall. My heart was pounding and my mouth was dry as sandpaper in the desert! Once in the air, I saw the wall behind me start to accelerate past, it was complete sensory overload and probably the wildest situation I have ever been in. 

Describe your perfect day:

Any day that puts a big smile on my face is a perfect day, hanging out with friends having a good time. I love multi-activity days, like last Saturday. I got up around 6am, drank a glass of water and made an espresso. Poached eggs on a bed of spinach with pita bread, tomatoes, avocado, hummus and salmon or chorizo. And HOT SAUCE. Then we went into the backcountry behind Whistler with my wife and friend and carved fresh turns until our legs were toasted. On the way back to Squamish, we changed into our climbing gear and spent the afternoon on some warmups and my project Superman, a 35-meter 5.14c with a crazy dyno at the last move! Then back home for tea and medals. :)

How would your friends describe you? 

Mr. Mad For It!