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Daniel Jung and Alex Raczyński in Frankenjura, Germany

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
Black Diamond athletes Daniel Jung and Alex Raczyński brought back a video from their annual pilgrimage to steep, powerful and desperately thin sport routes of Frankenjura, Germany.


There is this magic place called Frankenjura, which attracts me every year. It is situated between three German cities: Bamberg, Nuremberg and Bayreuth. Despite being gloomy and rainy, it is a unique place. In September, 2013 I spent two rainy weeks there. It was raining so much that even the waterproof sectors became wet, and I was exhausted by the dampness and strong winds. I was really motivated to climb, but the weather conditions were just really unfavorable. In the end, I moved to sunny Arco in Italy. Being in Arco was like being on holidays after hard work at school—sun, ice cream and long routes.
So after all that, why do I want to go back to Frankenjura and not Arco? Why is it such a unique place? The best rock there is like a magnet. There are endless amounts of projects, rocks and ideas, so it is not possible for me to get bored there.
Climbing in Frankenjura is like bouldering with a rope. Grit your teeth and go for it. That’s the idea. I am addicted to these pocketed routes. My good friends Daniel Jung and Adam Pustelnik like this crag for the same reasons. We met and spent a great week there. Here is a little video that I made during that time. Enjoy the dark forest!
Superskunk 11-
Powerplay 11-

Penumbral Solar Eclipse 11-
Greetings form sunny Siurana