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Chris Schulte: FA’s Off the Beaten Path In Switzerland

Monday, October 2, 2017
BD Ambassador Chris Schulte is a seeker. That’s why he’s often found in the blank spaces of the maps—the spots “where the monsters be” as he says, where a lighter tread is required and the blocs are raw and require vision. This is where Schulte thrives, and where he likes to capture his stories, as you can see in his latest BD film.
Video, Images & Words: Chris Schulte

The more I climb, the more I walk, and look, and clean, and see, the more I find myself forgetting about the bit where you write down some specifics and share it. The bit where you gush about how cool it all is, how great the lines, and scenes, and foods, arts, and sunsets were.

Check that ... I can drone on all day about rocks and stuff to eat. I can spray about forests and flowers ‘til they don't need rain. Talk at a bloc ‘til it feels guilty for not having an arête, or at least a friction slab. I can't hardly go some places without wanting to move there. As a confirmed opportunivore, I have a hard time finding folks who even want to think about food as much as I want to talk about it. I like to write, take pics, shoot clips, tell stories. But something seems to be changing, shaping up differently. Maybe it's a time-of-life thing, or a climbing timeline thing, or a balance of work and play and in between ... the difference between my work and my works, maybe?

Whatever it is, I'm finding it more and more necessary to make a division in my ... time? My climbing? Myself? I'm needing or wanting more time with friends, less time working the project. More secret spots. More, and bigger, newer things. More climbing for fun. More FA's, fewer repeats. More things in pretty places. A little more time to let stuff sink in, far less time spent around hatchet-job types and fluster.

In all this, I'm also finding myself in places that require a lighter touch, a sharper eye, and a quieter footfall than most. I love the spots that are valuable for what they are, not just the climbing they may have. I started climbing as an afterthought almost, as a way to get to the cool spots and a thing to do in a place awash with beauty, like sailing into a painting, harnessing a breeze and riding it to wherever. I'm finding less of an urge to record the moment, more of a desire to save space on my internal hard drive for the new operating system I'm always working on nowadays. Less memory for memories that don't move it for me, and much less desire to retrace my steps or make some map that illustrates just how someone else can get to wherever. We all only get there from where we are, I guess, and I'm where I am, and heading where I'm going cuz I'm wondering about what's off the edge of the map, where the monsters be.

And hopefully some smiles, valley sunsets, flowers, and delicious cuisine.

—Chris Schulte

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