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Welcome to the BD Team: Claire Buhrfeind

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
From her double victory in both lead and speed climbing at this past weekend's USA Open Nationals, to her jaw-dropping sending sprees outside (like the time she sent two 5.14c's and a 5.14a in just two days at the Red), if Claire Buhrfeind isn't on your radar, she should be. We're psyched to announce that Claire has joined the BD team, and can't wait to see what the future holds for this 19-year-old crusher.
Video: Kipp Schorr; Images: Andy Earl

When Claire Buhrfeind showed up at the Pscicobloc Masters in 2014, hardly anybody knew her name. But that was all about to change. As Claire smoked the competition while casually styling the finals route with nothing but 50 feet of air and water beneath her, the climbing world had one question: WHO IS THAT?

Claire hails from Plano, Texas, and has been on the Texas Youth Climbing Team since she was 10. Though competitions in the three disciplines of lead, bouldering and speed climbing are her bread and butter, she also loves to climb outside. Take, for instance, her epic two days in the Red River Gorge in 2017, which is now the stuff of legend. Prior to her trip, Claire's hardest route outside was an endurancy 5.13d. However, during one afternoon in November 2017, Claire decided to hop on Lucifer (5.14c). What happened next is mind blowing. After a few tries, she took the route to the chains, claiming her first 5.14 … period. Buzzing off that send, she switched routes, and promptly sent Omaha Beach (5.14a). STILL not done, the next day, she tried another 5.14c—Southern Smoke—and … no surprise, she crushed it.

Claire is currently training for the upcoming World Cup season, and has her eye on the 2020 Olympics, which combines the three disciplines she happens to already slay at. Her recent double victory in both lead and speed climbing at the 2018 Open Nationals hint at her next-level abilities. That's why we're super excited to see where Claire takes her climbing and we can't wait to go on the journey with her.

Welcome to the team, Claire!

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