• Skin Bag

    Our Skin Bag protects and stores your Black Diamond Skins.
  • Splitboard STS Kit

    Replacement Kit for STS Splitboard skins tail straps and clips.

  • $34.95
    Replacement adjustable tip loops with hardware.

  • $14.95
    Gold Label Adhesive easily renews skins with the best skin adhesive on the planet.

  • $49.95
    Give old skins new life in a few easy steps.

  • $17.95
    The Standard Adjustable Tip Loop Cable is for skin use with mid-fat skis.

  • $11.95
    Replacement straps and clips for skins with STS tails.

  • $19.95
    Replacement straps and hardware for skins with STS tails or converting flat-tail skins.

  • $17.95 - $19.95
    Cheat Sheets protect, and ease the storage of, your Black Diamond skins.

  • $2.95
    Minimalist trimmer for cutting skins.

  • $17.95
    The Mini Adjustable Tip Loop Cable is for skin use with narrower skis.

  • $17.95
    Larger-sized adjustable tip loop cables for powder skis.

  • $12.95
    Glop Stopper Wax is a must for spring tours or temperature inversions.

  • $29.95
    A replacement Dynex and aluminum tip loop kit.
  • Ski Skin Proof NIKWAX
    New Color

    Ski Skin Proof from NIKWAX is a simple and safe treatment to prevent warm snow sticking to your climbing skins