Athletes: Tobin Seagel
Location: Montana
Photographer: Tim Kemple

Ski Mountaineering

Ultralight carbon skis that offer uncompromising precision on steep, remote and technical objectives, Helio skis maintain a balanced flex and fun, forgiving performance in deep snow.

  • $ 799.95 $ 599.96
    Our narrowest carbon fiber ski designed for ski mountaineering races, high-altitude objectives and long-distance tours, the Helio 88 is the lightest ski in our line. Its pre-preg carbon fiber layup offers drastically reduced weight while maintaining balanced flex and solid edge control.

  • $ 899.95 $ 674.96
    The premier ultralight powder ski for untracked lines, steep faces and technical objectives in deep conditions, the Helio 116 features a pre-preg carbon fiber layup that makes it extremely light while maintaining stiff, progressive flex and hard-charging performance.

  • $ 849.95 $ 637.46
    Designed for dedicated backcountry skiers who demand both technical precision and soft-snow performance, the versatile Helio 105 features a pre-preg carbon fiber layup that makes it extremely light with a balanced flex and supreme edge control.

  • $ 829.95 $ 622.46
    Combining traditional touring dimensions with an ultralight design and modern shape, the Helio 95 has the technical chops for far-flung objectives and local steeps, while maintaining a balanced flex and fun, forgiving performance in deep snow.


Offering fun, reliable freeride performance with touring-capable constructions, our Boundary skis are designed for mechanized access to in- or out-of bounds terrain.

  • $ 599.95
    Combining a modern rocker profile, hybrid shape and pow-seeking 115-mm waist, the Boundary 115 is our go-to freeride ski for the deepest days of the season.

  • $ 549.95
    Designed to handle the wide-ranging conditions of an entire ski season, the Boundary 100 is a hard-charging, do-it-all freeride plank for everything from in-bounds pow days to backcountry couloirs.

  • $ 729.95
    Building on the versatile freeride performance of our Boundary 107 with increased torsional stiffness for aggressive, powerful skiing, the Boundary Pro 107 is a limited-edition, hard-charging ripper built for big lines and high speeds on either side of the rope.

  • $ 579.95
    The Boundary 107 is our most playful freeride ski that offers fun, easy-turning performance in soft snow. It draws on inspiration and features from our best-selling skis.

  • $ 749.95
    A limited-edition ski designed with feedback from our pro athlete team, the Boundary Pro 115 is a wide-waisted freeride powder ski with a modern rockered profile and powerful, torsionally stiff construction—perfect for B.C. pillow lines, deep resort laps or big Alaskan spines.


With an emphasis on human-powered access to variable mountain terrain, Route skis feature versatile, lightweight, softer-flexing designs ideal for backcountry touring.

  • $ 599.95
    With classic touring dimensions and a durable yet lightweight construction, the Route 88 excels at big traverses, multi-day hut trips and all-around backcountry performance.

  • $ 629.95
    With versatile dimensions, durable construction and damp yet highly responsive skiing, the Route 95 strikes the perfect balance between soft-snow performance and technical precision for the dedicated backcountry skier.

  • $ 649.95
    A versatile, everyday workhorse for dedicated backcountry skiers, the Route 105’s durable materials and premium construction make for damp yet highly responsive and powerful performance that holds up to season after season of backcountry touring.


Our favorite must-haves.

  • $ 59.95
    The high-impact plastic shell on the TeleKneesis Kneepads offer effective protection against stumps and rocks hidden under the snow.

  • $ 9.95
    Super-compact and stowable, the Binding Buddy multi-tool makes quick adjustments or repairs in the backcountry.

  • $ 5.95
    Stretchy, flexible and durable, the Ski Strap has multiple uses beyond securing skis together.