• NEW

    $ 79.95
    The PIEPS Shovel C combines a telescopic handle with a lightweight profile for optimal performance and effective rescue.

  • $ 69.95 - $ 74.95
    Thanks to a curved, trapezoidal shaft that nests inside the blade, the Deploy is our go-to shovel for rapid emergency response and compact, minimalist storage.

  • $ 54.95
    With a redesigned blade construction for cleaner snow study and easier stomping through hard avy debris, the Transfer is our workhorse shovel with a removable, extendable shaft for working in deep pits.

  • $ 79.95 - $ 99.95
    A multi-function tool for comprehensive backcountry use, the Evac is our top-of-the-line shovel and features two configurations: standard shovel and hoe mode. The ultra-durable construction and super compact design are ideal for both daily snow study and fast avalanche response.

  • $ 39.95
    Our durable, no-frills aluminum shovel with a T-handle and fixed shaft, the Lynx is a simple and streamlined snow mover.