Climbing Gloves

Climbing Gloves

Athlete: BD Employee Brent Barghahn and Paul Robertson
Location: Spaceshot, Zion National Park
Photographer: Andy Earl

Rock Series

Engineered to protect a climber's most valued tools, our Rock Series combines durable materials with functional design to provide climbers with gloves they can trust.
  • Transition Gloves

    39,95 $
    Full-fingered, lightweight leather glove with breathable stretch fabric, designed for multi-sport action.
  • Stone Gloves

    32,95 $
    Durable, fingerless leather gloves for aid climbing, belaying and rappelling.

  • 19,95 $
    A lightweight, breathable and durable cragging glove for belaying and via ferrata, the Crag protects your hands without compromising dexterity.

  • 15,95 $
    A lightweight, breathable and durable cragging glove for belaying, aid climbing and via ferrata, the Crag Half-Finger protects your hands without compromising dexterity.

Ice Series

Designed for technical ice climbing, the BD Ice Series gloves deliver the high-end functionality climbers demand on hard ascents, while maintain exceptional durability and warmth.

  • 59,95 $
    A durable, slim-fitting glove with a super-sticky palm ideal for drytooling and mixed cragging, the Torque’s lightweight construction provides incredible sensitivity without palm rolling.

  • 69,95 $
    The Arc’s lightweight, motocross-inspired design is complemented by a waterproof BD.dry™ insert for multiple cold-weather activities.

  • 79,95 $
    A minimalistic yet protective glove ideal for drytooling, mixed routes and ice climbing in milder temperatures, the Terminator features our highest level of dexterity with full waterproof protection.

  • 99,95 $
    Offering the perfect balance of warmth, protection and dexterity, the Punisher is our go-to ice glove for hard climbing in variable weather conditions.

  • 139,95 $
    Built to tackle steep ice on the most bitter-cold winter days, the Black Diamond Enforcer features maximum warmth, maximum dexterity and maximum protection.