Ice Protection

Ice Protection

Athlete: Paul Robertson
Location: Maple Canyon, UT
Photographer: Andy Earl

  • 19,95 $
    A convenient and space-efficient screw carrier.

  • 39,95 $
    Pound-in protection for thin-ice and mixed lines.

  • 39,95 $ - 45,95 $
    Our original, versatile ice protection, Turbo Ice Screws feature advanced tooth geometry and a classic lightweight hanger.

  • 59,95 $
    Our fastest placing ice screws with advanced tooth geometry and complete stainless steel construction, Express Ice Screws feature large, color-coded crank knobs for incredibly fast placements.

  • 29,95 $
    A unique, compact guide for threaded ice anchors.

  • 29,95 $
    Storage for sharp points in luggage or packs.

  • 9,95 $
    A simple solution for racking ice screws, the Ice Clipper features an updated geometry for winter and alpine climbing performance.