Tools & Instruments

Tools & Instruments


  • 99,95 $
    An essential snow safety tool that easily attaches to nearly any BD adjustable pole for added reach, the Snow Saw Pro features a compact, folding design and a serrated, stainless steel blade.
  • PIEPS Snow Saw
    New Color

    44,95 $
    A Saw with a Range of Applications, the PIEPS Snow Saw is an excellent choice for snow layer analysis, bivouac building in snow and clearing branches and bushe

  • 29,95 $
    Make sure all the beacons in your group are transmitting with the PIEPS Checker.

  • 149,95 $
    When the unthinkable happens, the PIEPS Backup Avalanche Transmitter is there to save your skin.

  • 9,95 $
    Super-compact and stowable, the Binding Buddy multi-tool makes quick adjustments or repairs in the backcountry.

  • 149,95 $
    A simple, lightweight mini-transmitter, the PIEPS TX600 lets you locate your trusty canine companion or essential equipment in the event of a slide.

  • 79,95 $
    Easily attached to any ski pole, the PIEPS 30˚ Plus XT electronic inclinometer provides quick, on-the-fly slope angle readings by simply laying down your pole.