Big Wall

Big Wall

Athlete: BD Athlete Babsi Zangerl and BD Ambassador Jacopo Larcher
Location: Yosemite
Photographer: Francois Lebeau


  • $649.95
    The world's strongest, most reliable single-point suspension sleeping system, the Single Portaledge is a stable, comfortable ledge for soloists and third wheels.

  • $449.95
    A waterproof fly designed for our Cliff Cabana Double Portaledge.

  • $399.95
    A waterproof fly designed for our Single Portaledge.

  • $699.95
    The world's strongest, most reliable single-point suspension sleeping system, the two-person Cliff Cabana Double Portaledge makes for easy living when you and your partner are way off the deck.


  • $49.95
    The essential anti-twist device for big-wall hauling.

  • $19.95 - $21.95
    Beak-style pitons that fit where nothing else will.

  • $15.95
    Our larger-sized hook for wrapping flakes and big edges.

  • $19.95
    A versatile three-in-one aid hook.

  • $84.95
    Pushing the evolution of ascenders, the Index features a trigger release for fast, effortless operation on hard-to-clean pitches and uses an ergonomic, dual-density grip to increase comfort for long days on the wall.

  • $16.95
    The original Realized Ultimate Reality Piton.

  • $14.95
    An aid-climbing essential for hooking in short.

  • $11.95 - $16.95
    For larger cracks, pockets and pods.

  • $24.95
    Required equipment for big walls, glacier travel and rescue use.

  • $17.95 - $24.95
    Tough and lightweight for medium-sized cracks.

  • $14.95 - $15.95
    Big brother to the Knifeblade.

  • $13.95
    Our smaller-sized hook for small to medium edges.

  • $11.95 - $13.95
    Essential thin-crack protection.

  • $119.95
    The original big-wall hammer.

Haul Bags

  • $129.95
    Ideal for light hauling on done-in-a-day walls or as a small secondary bag on longer missions, the Stubby Haul Bag is the smallest of our haul bags.

  • $189.95
    A mid-sized haul bag that's ideal for two-day trips, the Touchstone Haul Bag is built for prolonged abuse on big walls the world over.

  • $249.95
    The big pig you love to hate, the Zion is the largest of the BD haul bags for Grade V and big wall expedition use.


  • $69.95
    A padded seat for long hanging belays.

  • $39.95
    Storage for you cordage.

  • $19.95
    Our classic padded gear sling for over-the-shoulder racking.

  • $29.95
    Lightweight aid ladder for easy aid, speed attempts and alpine routes.

  • $39.95 - $44.95
    Our classic workhorse aid ladder for wall routes the world over.

  • $29.95
    A dual-sided, multi-loop racking harness for big racks and massive walls.

  • $18.95 - $19.95
    The classic aid climbing tether made from durable nylon.

  • $34.95 - $44.95
    Our lightweight, minimalist daisy made with Dynex™