Ice Protection

Ice Protection

  • Ultralight Ice Screw
    Athlete Pick

    The lightest ice screw in the world, the new BD Ultralights are crucial for fast and light objectives in the mountains. Built for ski mountaineers, glacial travel, and gram-shaving alpinists, these screws feature an aluminum body with steel tip and an innovative wire-gate color-coded Express handles to differentiate length.

  • $19.95
    A convenient and space-efficient screw carrier.

  • $39.95
    Pound-in protection for thin-ice and mixed lines.

  • $29.95
    A unique, compact guide for threaded ice anchors.

  • $59.95
    Our fastest placing ice screws with advanced tooth geometry and complete stainless steel construction, Express Ice Screws feature large, color-coded crank knobs for incredibly fast placements.

  • $39.95 - $45.95
    Our original, versatile ice protection, Turbo Ice Screws feature advanced tooth geometry and a classic lightweight hanger.

  • $29.95
    Storage for sharp points in luggage or packs.

  • $9.95
    A simple solution for racking ice screws, the Ice Clipper features an updated geometry for winter and alpine climbing performance.