Ski Poles

Ski Poles

Athlete: Johnny Bukac
Location: Esterro De Parraquirre, Chile
Photographer: Jeff Cricco

Technical Touring Series

  • Carbon Whippet Ski Pole

    Built for steep terrain that demands extra traction, the two-piece Carbon Whippet is the ultimate ski mountaineering tool. With its removable steel pick, the Whippet adds security for steep, icy bootpacks and no-fall descents, and can transition into an adjustable ski pole for backcountry turns.
  • Whippet Attachment

    An accessory for Whippet-Ready ski poles, the Whippet Pick attaches with our innovative ClickLock Dial for an added margin of safety on steep winter terrain.
  • Whippet Ski Pole
    Athlete Pick

    With three-section packability and added traction for steep terrain, the Whippet is perfect for ski mountaineering expeditions and splitboard excursions. The Whippet’s removable steel pick adds a margin of safety for mega-steep, no-fall terrain, while also converting into an easily stowable, adjustable pole for backcountry powder missions.
  • Traverse WR 2 Ski Poles

    Ultra-versatile touring and ski mountaineering poles, the Traverse WR 2 features our innovative Whippet Ready grips—making it compatible with our whippet attachment for added security on steep terrain—and a durable two-piece aluminum construction for day-in, day-out use in the backcountry.

  • $299.95
    Built with 100% inflation-molded carbon fiber for the ultimate combo of strength and lightweight performance, the Helio is the lightest ski pole on the market, designed for ski mountaineering races and technical mountain missions where every gram counts.

Ski Touring Series

  • $54.95 $41.21
    Fully featured and built for any season, the First Strike is our two-section, adjustable pole for kids.

  • $89.95
    A two-section ski touring pole with true four-season functionality, the Expedition 2 features a durable, all-aluminum construction with FlickLock adjustability.

  • $99.95
    With a collapsible three-section design, dual FlickLocks, and a comfortable, extended foam grip, the Expedition 3 offers maximum versatility and maximum adjustability for four-season use.

  • $139.95
    Our go-to backcountry ski pole with an aluminum-carbon construction and a pro-level feature set, the Razor Carbon Pro features FlickLock Pro adjustability and an innovative SwitchRelease wrist strap with a lockable release function.

  • $79.95
    Our classic, daily-driver touring poles with an all aluminum construction, the Traverse poles have the features and durability needed for day-in/day-out backcountry skiing.

  • $119.95
    Offering the ideal combination of weight, durability and performance for dedicated backcountry skiers, the Razor Carbon poles feature an aluminum upper and carbon fiber lower that stand up to years of skin tracks and powder laps.

  • $164.95
    The Carbon Compactor, featuring Z-Pole compactibility, is the ultimate lightweight pole for touring, splitboarding, or packing for a far-away ski destination.

  • $99.95
    Our classic ski touring poles with a pro-level feature set, the all-aluminum Traverse Pro poles feature FlickLock Pro adjustability and an innovative SwitchRelease wrist strap with a lockable release function.

  • $149.95
    At only 310 grams per pair, the Vapor 1 Carbon is one of the lightest ski poles on the market, built for ski mountaineers and gram-counting backcountry skiers.
  • Compactor Ski Poles
    Athlete Pick

    The adjustable-length Compactor, featuring Z-Pole technology, folds up small enough to fit in a touring pack and is ideal for splitboarding and travel.

Freeride Series

  • $119.95
    Our fully adjustable, affordable freeride pole, the Boundary Pole now features a built-in probe function for backup or secondary use.

  • $119.95
    All-carbon construction makes the Fixed Length Carbon both strong and our lightest freeride pole for anywhere on the mountain.


  • $6.95 $5.21
    Oversized pole baskets for deep snow performance.

  • $4.95
    Larger-sized pole baskets for use with the Compactor poles.

  • $4.95

  • $4.95 - $5.95 $4.46 - $4.46
    Replacement tips for older model carbon fiber ski pole lower shafts. Sold in pairs.

  • $14.95 $11.21
    Turn your Helio Fixed Length Carbon ski poles into ultra-light summer trekkers with the Black Diamond Helio Trail Kit.

  • $9.95
    Easy-to-install replacement tips for your Helio Poles.

  • $9.95
    Lightweight, stiffened baskets with hooking point for leveraging bars and buckles.