Technical Touring Series

Technical Touring Series


    $159.95 $119.96
    Built for steep terrain that demands extra traction, the two-piece Carbon Whippet is the ultimate ski mountaineering tool. With its removable steel pick, the Whippet adds security for steep, icy bootpacks and no-fall descents, and can transition into an adjustable ski pole for backcountry turns.
  • Whippet Ski Pole
    Athlete Pick

    $119.95 $89.96
    With three-section packability and added traction for steep terrain, the Whippet is perfect for ski mountaineering expeditions and splitboard excursions. The Whippet’s removable steel pick adds a margin of safety for mega-steep, no-fall terrain, while also converting into an easily stowable, adjustable pole for backcountry powder missions.
  • Whippet Attachment

    $59.95 $44.96
    An accessory for Whippet-Ready ski poles, the Whippet Pick attaches with our innovative ClickLock Dial for an added margin of safety on steep winter terrain.

    $99.95 $74.96
    Ultra-versatile touring and ski mountaineering poles, the Traverse WR 2 features our innovative Whippet Ready grips—making it compatible with our whippet attachment for added security on steep terrain—and a durable two-piece aluminum construction for day-in, day-out use in the backcountry.

    $299.95 $224.96
    Built with 100% inflation-molded carbon fiber for the ultimate combo of strength and lightweight performance, the Helio is the lightest ski pole on the market, designed for ski mountaineering races and technical mountain missions where every gram counts.