• $99.95
    With an extra-long 320 cm length and a light and stiff carbon fiber construction, the Carbon Probe 320 is the ultimate probe for snow professionals, guides and long trips into deep snowpacks.

  • $79.95
    Built for daily snow study, snow professionals and deeper snowpacks, the Tour Probe 320 features a durable, all-aluminum construction.

  • $59.95
    A 240 cm probe for shallow snowpacks, lightweight tours and avalanche rescue practice.

  • $79.95
    Built for snow professionals and deeper snowpacks, the PIEPS Aluminum 300 features a durable aluminum construction.

  • $69.95
    A 280 cm probe for daily backcountry touring and snow study, the Tour Probe 280 features a solid balance of length, light weight and packability.

  • $89.95
    A light and stiff carbon probe for those looking to minimize weight without compromising function or safety.

  • $154.95 - $249.95
    PIEPS’ revolutionary automatic electronic avalanche probe, updated with a longer 300-cm length for deep snow packs, complex instabilities and fast, accurate searching.