Black Diamond Equipment


Photographer: Keith Kladzinski

Black Diamond Camalot™ Trigger Wire and Cam Resling Service.

We offer trigger wire repair and sling replacement on only Black Diamond Camalots: $15 for trigger wires and $8 for new slings. Return shipping fees will be calculated when you check out.

We can only service Black Diamond products

Please indicate the quantity of each service you need, and then click "Add To Cart".

We will respond via email with a Return Authorization number (RA) to track your cams. Please note that you will need an RA number BEFORE you can ship us the cams.

Please expect 1-2 weeks for a response containing your RA and shipping label, and a 1-2 week turnaround time on your cam repair request.

If you live outside of the US or Canada, please email our Service Department.

Note: Alternatively, you can purchase do-it-yourself trigger replacement kits at this link, which will save you time and money: