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Daila Ojeda: Her First Multi-Pitch Experience

Saturday, March 4, 2017
BD Athlete Daila Ojeda knows the ropes. She’s travelled the world for sport climbing, and has redpointed up to 5.14c. Yet … until recently, Daila had never been more than two pitches off the ground. That all changed, however, when she journeyed to the famed walls of Montserrat to try the eight-pitch La Directa de L’amistad (5.13b).
Video and Images: Bernardo Gimenez, Words: Daila Ojeda

Montserrat is a unique place. These striking conglomerate mountains that are situated outside the city of Barcelona appear to have been molded for one purpose … to be climbed.

People from all over the world come to visit Montserrat every year for hiking, climbing and for the famous Monastery of Montserrat located at the base of this huge mountain.

The main climbing sector is L'Aeri. It's one of the most aesthetic walls I have ever seen. It was here where my friend Ignasi suggested we try the eight-pitch route, La Directa de L'amistad 8a (5.13b). Perhaps for those who are used to climbing long routes this line may not be considered anything special, but for me this wall was impressive and to be able to climb it was a new experience.

The feelings I experienced when starting this project were reminiscent of when I first started climbing many years ago. You know that feeling you get when everything is new and you are focused and ready to learn?

It was not easy for me to find my climbing flow on this route—not like when I sport climb. I didn't want to fall at all, especially not on the pitches where the bolts were very old and far away.

I found some differences between sport and multi-pitch climbing. The journey feels longer then that of a normal sport climbing day, probably because it actually is. If you happen to feel tired you can't change your mind halfway up while you’re hanging in the middle of this big wall. You need to be focused, motivated and ready to support your partner. I think the commitment between climbers is much more intense. There needs to be more understanding and patience between you and your climbing partner. I had a great time with my friend Ignasi and felt secure and safe due to his vast experience in climbing these long lines.

I was exhausted after climbing this route, but it must be addictive because I loved every moment. Now I definitely want to try more multi-pitch climbs.

I’m psyched for the adventures to come!

—Daila Ojeda

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