Fair Labor

The health, welfare and safety of all those who manufacture our gear is critically important to us. This is true whether they are BD employees in one of our owned-and-operated facilities in Salt Lake City, Utah or Zhuhai, China or work for one of our global suppliers. To that end, Black Diamond has gone-and continues to go-to great lengths to ensure all manufacturing facilities where BD equipment is made meet our strict Vendor Code of Conduct.

Black Diamond was a founding member of the Outdoor Industry Association's Fair Labor Working Group and helped draft the OIA's Fair Labor Toolkit, which is used by companies throughout the outdoor industry. Traditionally we have utilized this toolkit and our Vendor Code of Conduct to conduct audits internally, allowing our own CSR representatives to work closely with suppliers to evaluate and improve upon their manufacturing processes. We require our suppliers to certify the integrity of their internal supply chains to ensure compliance to the Black Diamond Vendor Code of conduct along with the rules and regulations in the countries they operate.

Historically, we relied on this Toolkit and our Vendor Code of Conduct to carry out routine social compliance audits of our partners. This has since given way to our current model of unannounced, third-party social audits to check in and review how our partners are performing.  These professional audits provide a snapshot of a factory's working conditions, management systems and compliance with local and international labor laws.  We use the audit reports to highlight areas for improvement and to create Corrective Action Plans. Like the rest of us, our partners are not perfect; these audits provide specific direction for continuous progress.

Equally as important to monitoring the safety and operational compliance of our partners is to train and inform our own staff of issues such as human trafficking, slavery, environmental degradation, etc., that can often be found. We have created and implemented a training program to inform those closely involved in sourcing and supply chain management to ensure that our development and manufacturing processes are conducted along the highest standards.