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Iceland with the Jackson Brothers

Monday, January 20, 2020
Check out this new video featuring BD Athletes Eric and John Jackson as they surf the plethora of powder, waves and rivers found in Iceland.
Video: Cole Taylor Photos: Alex Fenlon/Eleven Experience

The ancient myth behind how Iceland got its name hints at the stunning beauty of the country. With a plethora of glacial rivers, mountains and ocean surrounding it on all sides, the lore goes that the Vikings who discovered the country dubbed the territory “Iceland” as a way to keep the masses at bay. 

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These days, the truth about Iceland, including how it really got its name, is out. And that’s good news, because as you’ll see, the country has a lot to offer. From cresting waves, to fish filled rivers, and of course a plethora of powder, Iceland is stacked. That’s why BD Athletes John and Eric Jackson partnered with Eleven Experience and their guide extraordinaire—BD Ambassador Mike Barney—to explore everything the amazing country has to offer. Check out this film capturing the magical moments of a remarkable trip. 

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