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The San Juan Series With BD Ambassador Mike Barney: Episode 3 — Perspective

Monday, March 16, 2020
BD Ambassador Mike Barney shares his perspective on making important decisions in the backcountry.
Video: Jason Ebelheiser

In episode 3, BD Ambassador Mike Barney practices the juggling act many of us experience every day, and it’s that act that guides his perspective. Follow Mike into the San Juan Mountains on his day off; hustling to get his daughter to school on time, skiing a couloir, and back in time to do the dishes.      

“Just because we have a lot going on in life doesn’t mean that getting out and going skiing isn’t important,” reflects Barney.  “And just because we make skiing a top priority, doesn’t mean there aren’t other important aspects to life too.  A clear perspective on what’s important in life is what helps me make good decisions while I’m skiing.”  

Some days were meant for exercise, some days are made for sending. Knowing the difference, and living the difference, comes from having a broad perspective.

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