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TEMPO. Movement in Mountains

Friday, October 23, 2020
Black Diamond Athlete Kyle Richardson moves to the beat of his own rhythm. From coveted FKT’s to soul runs that morph into ropeless climbs, Kyle’s free flowing tempo is mirrored only by his drumming, as he’s a musician at heart. Check out this film by Thomas Woodson capturing the pulse of Kyle’s movement in mountains.
Video: Thomas Woodson

I find myself moving in unison with the landscape when there is a rhythm flowing through my body. Connecting footsteps, breath, and heartbeat like patterns on the page—a page of music that is written out in the hills through movement. A full body composition. A score from the soul.

Kyle gettin into it'


Searching for the right Tempo requires practice and preparation. Finding the pocket can be allusive, but once found, it is a wave that can be ridden forever. Careful not to push the beat or be beat down by the crushing force of the wave. It is a delicate balance and dance with the forces of nature. Keeping that internal pulse alive will deliver you to the flow state.

Kyle gettin into it'

Riding this flow is what fuels my artistry. Striving to always perform at the highest level but never forgetting the basic ideals of movement.

            Michael Jordan’s free throw

            Fandango or Flamenco

            Béla Fleck on the banjo

            There is always a Tempo 

Tempo. Movement in Mountains explores my relationship with music and running. Blurring the lines between athleticism and rhythm. Grounding myself in my backyard while the kick drum lays it down in eTown. I sit down at the kit to explore my life through the hills in 3 short movements. Each relying on each other to complete the trifecta of what it means to be one with the music; Warmup, Practice, and Performance. A day in the life if you will. From my front door in Boulder, Colorado, to the top of the First Flatiron. Exploring what it truly means to move in the mountains.

--Kyle Richardson

Kyle gettin into it'

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