Harness Technology


Employing a tri-laminate of Vectran™ polymer, Kinetic Core Construction is not the next step in harness design—it’s a quantum leap forward. Almost all harnesses use one or two strands of narrow structural webbing, resulting in thin lines of tension that require thick foam padding to alleviate pressure points. Kinetic Core Construction eliminates this requirement by distributing the load evenly throughout the harness’s entire structure, a design idea not far in principle from our original Alpine Bod harness. The result is the Ozone, Aura, Chaos, and Xenos: harnesses that are dramatically sleeker, lighter and more comfortable than any other harness ever made.

SoftEdge Construction uses an internally-seamed top edge to soften the main load distribution down to the central and the lower edge webbing. By reducing the line of tension along the top edge, we’ve constructed a lightweight harness that allows more freedom of movement and more comfort (e.g., it won’t dig into your love handles).

DUAL CORE CONSTRUCTION™ Dual Core Construction

Dual Core Construction consists of two bands of webbing that split around the waistbelt, allowing for maximum breathability and weight reduction without pressure points. We use a supportive, ventilated EVA foam insert in conjunction with an abrasion-resistant mesh and nylon outer shell to maintain excellent comfort and durability-paramount for such a lightweight design.


Dual Core XP Construction combines the supportive-yet-lightweight design of our Dual Core Construction with the ultra-comfortable load-distribution philosophy of our Kinetic Core Construction. Dual Core XP consists of two separate components: the first is an OpenAir waistbelt using two separate bands of webbing around the outside of the frame and a supportive insert in the center to allow for maximum breathability without pressure points. The second is leg loops constructed from a single strand of full-width, high-tensile nylon for total support and comfort when hanging from the harness.


Quick, secure and easy to use, trakFIT is an innovative leg loop adjustment system that uses a slide adjuster to quickly tighten or loosen the harness leg loops and provide a wide range of fit. trakFIT also eliminates dangling webbing and any chance of misthreading buckles.