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Live.Ski.Repeat: Our Winter Ritual

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
There’s a certain ritual every winter. We head into the mountains and spend hours in the skin track. But this is where we find what we’re looking for. Untracked lines, unrivaled beauty and ultimate freedom. We all have rituals. At Black Diamond, backcountry skiing is ours. BD Athlete Noah Howell shares his thoughts on what it means to Live. Ski. Repeat.
Video: Mark Fisher and Noah Howell


Not that long ago, we retreated to caves and huddled around a fire waiting for winter to pass. With some bravery, teamwork and ingenuity we have evolved beyond that, and now we head out into that almost inhospitable cold and snowy world to play. We don’t just survive, we thrive. It’s in this action—the leaving behind of safety and comfort, taking risks, journeying into the unknown—that we create bonds and experience the thrill and deep joys of being alive.


With one simple click of a binding, we’re transformed into super-humans capable of accessing an otherwise impossible wintery world. These magical tools allow us to glide effortlessly through snow bringing our childhood dreams of flight into reality. And instantly, the mountains become the most immense playground on the planet.


The snow returns to the mountains and so do we. Our devotion brings about mastery and unity between us, our gear and our surroundings. Our ritual is the sacrificing of sweat and energy to the mountains time and time again knowing that each snowflake, every turn and every moment is new and waiting to be discovered.

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