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BD Athlete Adam Ondra: The Just Do It (5.14c) Onsight

Thursday, December 20, 2018
Check out the long-awaited footage of BD Athlete Adam Ondra’s epic onsight of Just Do It (5.14c) in Smith Rock State Park, Oregon.
Video: Adam Ondra Productions

Just Do It is the crown jewel of Smith Rock—the birthplace of hard sport climbing in America. The 140-foot testpiece was, in fact, America’s first 5.14c, bolted in 1989 by the legend Alan Watts and climbed in 1992 by the French superstar J.B. Tribout. To this day, Just Do It remains a coveted ascent by the world’s strongest climbers.

But to look at that mega pitch, with its cryptic sequences spread over 18 bolts that span nearly the entire length of Smith’s iconic Monkey Face and think … maybe that will go first try … that is a realm occupied by just one climber: BD Athlete Adam Ondra.

During his recent trip to Oregon’s iconic state park, Ondra perused the classics, familiarizing himself with Smith’s delicate yet fierce style, and then on November 10, he saddled up for the try of a lifetime.

“Getting higher and higher, the pressure grew,” said Ondra, “but on the very top it got eventually that hard that I could completely forget about everything, even the cold and I somehow made it to the top at the absolute limit.”

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