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Will Gadd’s Right Here, Right Now Playlist

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
“Music is essential for me to get into my best performance state for anything,” writes BD Athlete Will Gadd. And this playlist, which he made specifically for competing at the Ouray Ice Fest, gets Will in the zone, reminding him that when it’s time to climb, it’s best to leave everything else on the ground. So, sharpen your tools and harness up. It’s time to throw down, Right Here, Right Now.

I made most of this playlist for the Ouray Ice Comp last year, but play these songs for driving, skiing, thinking, whenever I need to zone in. It’s a reminder to open up and pull down, be happy where I am and leave everything on the ground so I don’t carry anything up the route but action. Most of competing and performing at anything is mental; making the decision to really try, to invest emotionally and totally, and to hurl all that out in public, well, it’s never easy for me, but over hundreds of comps I’ve gotten better at arranging my mind to perform well. Music is essential for me to get into my best performance state for anything. There are always excuses to not perform, to lose the focus, to let go before your hands blow off the tools, to skip the training day, to take the easy money and not the hard day... The ideal music for me is about the emotion of doing, of acting, of leaving everything but the climb on the ground. Of entering into a space where all I do is climb because that’s all that matters. I use this list before I go out and speak as well; the same state I use to compete is really close to when I do my best speaking; it all boils down to doing what you’ve trained for, are there for, and leaving nothing on the floor. These songs remind me of both who I want to be and who I don’t want to be, and fire me up to walk the right side of that line as best I can. And to have some fun no matter what, laugh, and get after it. Right here, right now!

—Will Gadd


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