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Wasatch Classics: Skiing the Y Couloir with Noah Howell

Thursday, February 1, 2018
BD Athlete Noah Howell knows the Wasatch like the back of his skis. Here he takes us on a tour of a classic couloir in his hometown range.
Video: Noah Howell

If long, steep and aesthetic define a line as classic, then the Y Couloir is right near the top of the list in the Wasatch. When you catch it in over 2 feet of powder ... I'd call it a clasSICK! You don't approach a line like this packed with tons of new snow lightly. Last year we were lucky enough to have a highly stable period of snowfall. We had been skiing many aspects and seen that the Y couloir had been sluffing and avalanching so we deemed it ready to ride. You really only get a handful of days like this in a lifetime.

--BD Athlete Noah Howell

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