Portrait of Angel Collinson
  • First female to be nominated for or win Powder Magazine’s award Best Line
  • 2 time winner Powder Magazine’s reader’s poll skier of the year
  • 3 time winner Powder Magazine’s Best Female Performance
  • 2015 Freeskier Magazine’s Rider of the Year
  • First woman to have the opening segment in any co-ed action sports movie
  • First woman to have the closing segment in any co-ed action sports movie
  • ESPN Top 50 Females in Action Sports, 2014
  • 2 time overall champion Freeskiing World Tour

The daughter of the ski patrol director at Utah’s Snowbird ski area, Angel Collinson grew up in employee housing at the base of the mountain, becoming a skier not long after she learned to walk. As kids, she and her parents and her younger brother, fellow pro skier Johnny Collinson, would spend summers living out of their family’s van and climbing peaks all over the western United States. An elite ski racer through her teens, Collinson gave up racing at age 19 and started entering big-mountain freeskiing contests, all while studying environmental law at the University of Utah. In her first year on the Freeskiing World Tour, in 2010, she won the overall title as a rookie, which she claimed again the following year. By 2013, she’d transitioned to filming, with a breakout part in Teton Gravity Research’s annual ski movie. Now a regular star athlete in TGR’s films, Collinson’s claimed many awards for her film parts, including become the first female in history to win Best Line at the Powder Video Awards for the footage of her slashing a steep spine in Alaska. “You consciously choose the way you want to live,” Angel says. “I grew up in the mountains and I love skiing because of that connection to nature. I enjoy things that make you feel really connected.”

Whether you are moving snow from a buried friend, or building a jump, you wanna do it fast and effectively. The Evac 7 is the shovel!!

- Angel Collinson

Angel Collinson