• World Champion 2023
  • World Champion 2021
  • World Champion 2019
  • Multiple Austrian Climbing Champion
  • 1st place in Salt Lake City IFSC World Cup 2022 & 2023
  • 1st place in Innsbruck IFSC World Cup 2022 & 2023
  • 1st place in Villars IFSC World Cup 2022 & 2023
  • 1st place in Los Angeles IFSC World Cup 2021
  • 1st place in Briançon IFSC World Cup 2021

"Absolutely nothing is impossible in life, no matter how unrealistic it may seem!"

What sounds like a phrase for most people, is for Angelino the absolute motto of life. After a paragliding accident that left Angelino paraplegic and in a wheelchair, he also found his way into competitive sports. Angelino was already climbing before his accident, but now he is stronger than ever. This, even though he can no longer use his legs and has to rely completely on his upper body alone.

Inspired by Stefano Ghisolfi, one of the world's best climbers, Angelino projects the route Sarre 2000 (8a+), which Stefano climbed using only arm strength.

The hardest route in the world climbed with pure arm strength.

Airnet Harness - Ultra light and comfy, which is key for me!

- Angelino Zeller