• 6x French Bouldering Champion
  • Bronze Medal LWC Briancon 2020
  • Bronze Medal General Ranking BWC 2018 & 2019
  • Silver Medal Laval Combine Serie 2022
  • University World Champion 2016
  • Bronze Medal World Games 2017

I grew up on the beautiful Reunion Island, where I embarked on my climbing journey with an incredibly supportive training team. In the beginning, I wasn't the most skilled climber on the team, but my dedication and passion for the sport propelled me to where I am today.

My love for climbing lies in the constant learning it offers. With every climb, there's a new challenge to discover, and that exhilarating feeling when a move seems impossible, only to find the perfect path to make it work. In climbing, the impossible becomes possible.

In addition to my climbing pursuits, I hold a mechanical engineering diploma from INSA Lyon and devote 50% of my time to working for RATP Paris, the public transport company. I've always cherished the balance between my sports career and education, which led me to continue down this path with the remarkable company RATP, known for its significant commitment to ecological values.

Women's Sierra LT Shorts - "Lighter doesn't exist!"

- Fanny Gibert