• 2 x Rider of the Year
  • 2 x Video Part of the Year
  • Real Snow Backcountry X Games Gold Medal
  • Real Snow Backcountry X Games Silver Medal
  • 20+ Professional Video Parts
  • 10+ Magazine Covers
  • 1 Season of Brothers On the Run for RedBull TV
  • 2 Seasons of The Book Of John J for RedBull TV
  • 1 Season of “Making Driven”

Born in Crowley Lake, California, John Jackson has been immersed in the outdoors from the beginning. Building forts and drawing maps of his favorite hideouts in the mountains eventually led to snowboarding at the age of 11, which quickly became his vehicle for exploration. From building jumps and trying to set random records on his home mountain, like traversing from chair 9 to chair 12 (which he now admits doesn’t make sense), to early attempts at hiking from June Mountain to Mammoth Mountain because he thought the park would be better, John’s passion to explore and spend time in the backcountry eventually transitioned his focus from competitive riding to backcountry riding where he has worked with different production companies like Xodus films, Standard Films, Forum, Burton, Brain Farm, Absinthe, and Redbull. He’s now filmed over 20 video parts and still loves snowboarding to the fullest, continuing to seek new lines that accommodate progressive backcountry freestyle riding. Each year he gains a new understanding of how to read terrain and understand what’s possible. As a devout student of the mountains, John also loves to climb, skate, surf, bike, fly-fish, backpack, live in his van, and play music. He also owns the jewelry company Jax Union, which he uses to support causes he believes in. The Brothers for Hope Pendant, for example, represents a project he and his brother Eric took on called “brothers on the run,” in which they journeyed from Alaska to Argentina. The proceeds generated from this piece support foster homes for mistreated kids in Nicaragua. Their newest pendant supports climate change awareness, with proceeds donated to “Protect Our Winters.”

I like the JetForce Tour 26L Avalanche Airbag pack because of it’s balanced features. The 26L is big enough to pack what you need strategically while keeping minimal weight on your back. With the Jetforce technology, you can deploy multiple times throughout the battery cycle and repack with ease, so you never have to be shy about pulling. It also uses 2 double A batteries as a backup in case you forget to fully charge the internal battery.