• Kryptos (8b+, former 8c), Balsthal, Switzerland
  • Pura Vida (8a+), Magic Wood, Switzerland
  • Perfect Day (8a+), Basler Jura, Switzerland
  • Leopard Cave (8a+), Rocklands, South Africa
  • Todernst (8b), Basler Jura, Switzerland
  • Cicatrice de l'ohm (8a+), Fontainebleau, France
  • The Wall (8a+/8b, morpho), Basler Jura, Switzerland

“Climbing is best when it feels like play."

Kaddi has been playing outside on the rocks from a very young age. She´s all grown up now but that remains unchanged. For her, looking for new rocks to climb and places to explore, is a way of life. Add to that some small holds, really hard moves and Kaddi is in her element. Whether it's strategizing her next move on a boulder problem or tackling a difficult route, she thrives on the satisfaction that comes with overcoming obstacles in her signature playful way.

Tell her that there´s a move that she might not be able to do and you´ll see her eyes light up and fingers start twitching.

Kaddi's journey in the climbing world extends beyond her personal pursuits. She's deeply involved in the climbing community, organising competitions and setting boulders for others to conquer. She's also committed to helping fellow climbers reach their best performance. Through her personal training business "Climb Your Best", she offers tailored coaching and training plans.

Recognizing the therapeutic benefits of climbing, Kaddi shares her expertise with future physiotherapists, teaching them the intricacies of therapeutic climbing.

Whether she's bouldering, climbing, coaching or ensuring the smooth operation of the climbing facility where she works, Kaddi is mad for climbing and she loves spreading the fun to others.

"Climbing is best when it feels like play."

- Kaddi Lehmann