• Unendliche Geschichte 1+2+3 (8c, First Ropeless Ascent), Magic Wood, Switzerland
  • Forgotten Gem (8c, First Ascent), Chironico, Switzerland
  • Peace Corps (8c, First Ascent), Val Bavona, Switzerland
  • Roadkill (8c), Val Bavona, Switzerland
  • Dreamtime (8c), Cresciano, Switzerland
  • The Elder Statesman (9a), Frankenjura, Germany

I started climbing before I could even walk. I grew up in a family of climbers and started this path in my parents' climbing gym.

I took part in my first youth competition at the age of ten. At the age of 15, I became German Youth Champion, and a year later I competed in my first Lead World Cup. But I soon focused on bouldering and reached the semi-finals in 2018, which was my best result in a World Cup. Despite these successes, my climbing journey was not without its challenges. I battled numerous injuries, which taught me valuable lessons about perseverance and resilience. Ultimately, in 2023, I made the difficult decision to focus solely on outdoor bouldering and move away from competition climbing.

This transition marks a new chapter in my climbing journey, where the untouched beauty of outdoor bouldering takes center stage as I continue to grow and explore the limitless possibilities of the sport.

Sierra Shorts - "My everyday shorts!"

- Kim Marschner