• French National Champion 2023
  • 3rd Place European Championship 2023
  • "Era Vella" 8c+/9a in Margalef
  • 4th Place Climbing World Cup Villars
  • 4th Place Lead Climbing World Cup

I've been a dedicated rock and competition climber for over a decade, immersing myself in the enchanting ambiance of the mountains. I spend a significant amount of time climbing outdoors, particularly in the picturesque landscapes of Southern France and Spain. Whether on natural rock faces or in the competitive arena, I thrive on pushing myself to reach the highest levels of my abilities.

From a young age, I've had the privilege of representing France as a member of the national climbing team, a journey that has enriched my climbing experience. I currently reside in Marseille, where I balance my life as a nurse with my passion for climbing. These two distinct worlds coexist harmoniously, and I cherish the unique blend they offer.

I nurture two significant dreams: the ascent of 'Biographie' in Céüse and the opportunity to compete in the Olympic Games hosted in Paris. These aspirations fuel my determination and drive.

Hotforge Hybrid Quickdraw - "It's light, robust & iconic!"

- Manon Hily