Ready to Crush It

At Black Diamond, we're all about sending it, whether you're tackling highballs in Ticino, finding your feet in Fontainebleau, or pushing your limits in the high alpine boulders of Gotthard Pass. Our crash pads are designed to keep you safe, stoked, and ready for whatever the rock throws at you.

Maximum Protection

For the big, bold lines you need a crash pad that stands up to the challenge.

Bomber Foam

Our Mondo pads are built with bomber foam layers to cushion those heart-pounding falls from the highballs. With reinforced corners and tough-as-nails fabrics, these pads are as fearless as you are.

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Circuit & Circuit Z Crash Pad

Beginner-Friendly and Extra Coverage. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for that perfect supplemental pad, our Circuit Crash Pad and Circuit Z Trifold Pad offer unmatched versatility. Lightweight and easy to carry, they’re ideal for setting up complex landing zones or adding extra protection to those classic problems. Perfect for both solo missions and group sessions.

Erratic Crash Pad

High Alpine Bouldering: Durability Meets Performance

In the high alpine bouldering, conditions can change in a heartbeat.

TPU Coating

Our Erratic Crash Pads are crafted to withstand the elements, with waterresistant fabrics and high-friction tops that grip the rock and stay put, even on the steepest terrain. Plus, they pack down compactly for those long approaches.

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Built for Climbers, by Climbers

Every stitch, strap, and layer of foam in our crash pads is engineered with the climber in mind. We know what it takes to push the limits, and our crash pads are right there with you, ready to absorb the impact and keep the psyche high.

Essential Accessories for Your Send

  • Sitstarter Pad: Perfect for those low starts, the Sitstarter Pad provides extra cushioning where you need it most.
  • Gapstopper: Eliminate those dangerous gaps between pads with the Gapstopper, ensuring a seamless and safe landing zone.
  • Capsule Bouldering Bag: Keep your gear organized and accessible with the Capsule Bouldering Bag, designed to handle all your essentials.
  • Piggyback Carrying System: Simplify your approach with the Piggyback Carrying System, allowing you to easily transport multiple pads and gear in one go.

Whether you’re just starting out or dialing in your highball game, trust Black Diamond crash pads and accessories to be your solid ground.