Explore the world where snow and sky meet. Whether you're crossing glaciers, climbing knife-egde ridges, or aiming for high peaks, mountaineering is a true test of endurance and determination. Equip yourself with essential gear like crampons, ice axes, and harnesses to navigate the icy terrain and ensure your safety. With the right preparation and equipment, every mountain becomes a reachable goal.

Glacier Travel: Navigate the Frozen Frontier

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty and hidden dangers of glacier travel. Learn to read the ice, traverse crevasses, and move as a unit in this essential mountaineering skill. Equip yourself with the right gear and master the use of snow anchors to secure your path. With the right knowledge and equipment, you can safely navigate the icy wilderness.

Jackets to Defy the Elements

Conquer the mountains with the perfect balance of protection and flexibility. Hard shell jackets offer waterproof, windproof defense against sudden storms, while soft shell jackets provide breathability and comfort for versatile layering in changing weather.

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Pants for Ultimate Flexibility

Navigate the glacier's varied terrain with confidence. Soft shell pants offer the perfect blend of flexibility and breathability, allowing you to move freely while staying protected. Adaptable to changing conditions, they are your reliable partner in adventure.

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Mixed Ridge Climbs: Walk the Edge of the World

Feel the adrenaline surge as you balance on razor-sharp ridges, with vistas stretching endlessly in every direction. Ridge climbs combine technical skill and fearless spirit, often requiring you to navigate mixed terrain that includes rock, ice, and snow. Equip yourself with a variety of gear such as climbing shoes for rocky sections, crampons for icy patches, and ropes for added safety. Whether you're tackling exposed rock faces or icy knife-edge ridges, having the right tools and preparation is key to conquering these thrilling ascents.

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From our original Stoppers that helped spawn the clean climbing revolution to our gold-standard Camalots, climbing protection has been a hallmark of BD innovation since the beginning.

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Dedicated, durable and designed for the toughest adventures

From fast-and-light alpine blitzes, to winter ice and single-pitch bolted sport routes, our helmets provide reliable protection for all styles of climbing.