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ClimbOn Lotion Creme 2.3oz



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The All-Purpose Crème is a rich and highly concentrated skin cream made of 100% plants + beeswax and nothing else. It is not diluted with water or fillers like other lotions. Use a very small amount to spread all over large areas to soothe and moisturize your skin. It is commonly used by runners and cyclists for areas of high friction or chafing, by skiers to soothe the skin on their face, and by climbers and lifters to nourish the skin on their fingers and hands. It also provides excellent skin health when applied as a daily moisturization routine.

Product Features

  • Thick, concentrated creaminess. Looks like lemon curd. Melts easily on skin
  • A pleasant mix of essential oils like neroli and lavender, meant to calm the mind
  • Moisturize daily to avoid dry, weak skin
  • Rub as a lubricant in high friction areas before and after athletic activity
  • Rub directly on burns, rashes, stings, and sensitive areas of discomfort. Makeup remover, after-sun care, or night-time moisturizer

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