Mariana Fierro is a rock climber girl, one of the most motivated climbers in Mexico. She was born in a small town called Oaxaca, in southern Mexico in 1995. She’s a full-time student in the international trade degree and is known as much for her attitude and empowerment of women. Mariana started climbing at 8 years old, from a very early age, she was already a lover of nature and adventure. Her passion for climbing began as soon as she put on her first climbing shoes, without finding a solid path in life, she decided to leave the routine and become a climber. Fierro has been profiled as a Citizen Distinguished by her trajectory of a Climber granted by the Municipality of Oaxaca, on the International Women's Day 2018. Fierro is the founder of the Mexican Climber Girls Movement, where she motivates girls to climb and push their limits by teaching and introducing them to this beautiful world and returning a bit of how much climbing has given to her. And to this day, she maintains his simple existence by enjoying life and traveling the world in search of the next adventure.

Discipline: Rock climbing
Currently Living:

What does BD mean to you?

“For me BD means purity and motivation, it is a great honor and responsibility to belong to this community that always drives the development of the clean, safe and fun adventure. I am totally grateful to be part of this team and I am willing to give all of myself to grow as a person and make this world a more conscious place.”

Favorite Product

  1. ATC Pilot: “No more than obsessed with this ergonomic safe device. My rack isn’t complete without it, once I was comfortable with it, I have set my old belay devices aside.”
  2. Women's Solution Harness:   “As a sport climber, this Harness provides me so much freedom of movement and comfort for long days spent working on my project. I have sent my hardest projects with it, coincidence? I do not think so.”
  3. Stone Duffel 42:  “When BD drops me the Stone Duffel 42 could not be more pleased, I've easily fit my rope, 20 draws, harness, chalk bag and shoes, as well as water, small personal items and a shell jacket, just there. Couldn’t get any better! Or yes BD?”

Top Achievements 

  1. First female ascent of “Pancho Villa” La Meca, Oaxaca, MX – 5.13c
  2. Ascent of “Masiosare un extraño enemigo” Jilotepec, Estado de México, MX – 5.13c
  3. Ascent of “Komodo” Mineral del Chico, Pachuca, MX – v9/10
  4. Ascent of “Rey Pulque” Mineral del Chico, Pachuca, MX – v8
  5. Ascent onsight of “Morgan” Kalymnos, Greece – 5.12d
  6. Current and undefeated Mexican National Lead Climbing Champion since 2014.
  7. Central American Boulder Champion, Guatemala 2014.
  8. Finalist in the Boulder Master The North Face, Chile 2018.
  9. Finalist in the Pan American Youth Championship, Mexico 2014.
  10. Semifinalist at the Youth World Championship, New Caledonia 2014 (17th place).
  11. Participation in Youth World Championships in Austria 2011, Singapore 2012, Slovenia 2013, Innsbruck 2013, Canada 2013 and Germany 2015.
  12. National University Champion, Mexico 2018.