Portrait of Markus Jung

Discipline: Climbing

Currently Living: Siegen, Germany

When did you first start climbing/skiing?

I started climbing around 1999.

What do you most enjoy about your sport?

I can’t say that I like something about climbing the most. There are many things I really like—It´s the diversity! Doesn’t matter how hard the climb is, there are always new moves and crazy positions. And one thing I definitely like a lot, is the close connection to the nature. 

What are you most proud of, either in life, your sport or both?

I´m proud of being healthy and that I have never had a serious injury until yet.  

Who are your heroes?

Nobody! Sometime I see a spider web on impossible climbs…not because Spiderman was there. Because nobody was there!

What are your hobbies outside of your sport?

Photography and mountain biking.

What are your hidden talents?

Maybe being attentive. I like details in life. Little simple things can change everything, especially when I try to climb at my limit.

Tell us about your most favorite place in the world:

The most favorite place is the one I don’t know yet. I like to explore!

Tell us about a time in your life when you have been scared:

When I started climbing I was very afraid by the height. I remember one special moment when I was stuck on a route and was too scared to move on or back. I was sitting on a little edge for hours (or it felt like hours). That’s a long time ago :D

How would your friends describe you?

As guess as a perfectionist. In the eyes of some friends I´m quite critical. Maybe they are right in some point. Everything should be nearly perfect, a movie, my climb on a hard route or the equipment I use :)

Strangest place you've ever woken up? 

In the middle of a cornfield and finding traces of snails all over my body. Even my hair was encrusted because I had crushed a snail on my pillow. There was no possibility to wash my hair all that day.

Strangest person you've ever woken up with?  

When I had not got the next ride on a hitchhike back home I had to sleep in a town in France. When I woke up I was in company of some homeless people. Luckily they didn´t take my stuff.