“I am an up and coming competitive climber who enjoys outdoor climbing as well as competing in all three disciplines. I first got into climbing when my mum took all my sisters to a local climbing gym. I was to young to climb, so I was always climbing all over the short walls without a rope trying to sneak in more climbing. Eventually, I got old enough to join the squad, and after about ½ a year I was into competitions. Since competing I have found a real enjoyment in the challenge competition climbing offers and the great opportunity to travel to different parts of Australia and the world. I have enjoyed meeting the other climbers from different countries and found inspiration from climbers both my age and those who are more experienced. I have found that outdoor climbing is also a great way to see different parts of the world and offers a massive variety of climbing/bouldering opportunities. Going out bouldering with “the crew” is awesome and pushes me to try harder and achieve my goals. Quick plug for the Grampians as an amazing place to crush some boulders and sport routes! 
I am always looking to challenging myself to become a better climber. I am a very driven person which I why I love competing so much. I set and achieved some of my initial goals in 2018 where I competed in IFSC Open events for the first time and successfully have made semi-finals at both my first two lead world cups and my first boulder world cup. It’s onwards and upwards from here in comp and outdoor climbing in 2019!”


Discipline: Rock climbing
Currently Living:

What does BD mean to you?

“Black Diamond is one of those trusted brands that feel like they have been around as long as climbing itself. So I guess it’s just something that you know you can really rely on to help to achieve your goals. It won’t fail you, even at your limit, redlining, you don’t have to worry about anything except holding on, because BD’s got you.”

Favorite Products:

  1. Impact Crash pad: When your trying hard on your proj you know the Impact got you!
  2. Zone Harness: If your climbing in a World Cup you don’t want to be thinking about your Harness being uncomfortable or Heavy, this Harness is perfect!
  3. Black gold chalk: Keeps your hand perfectly dry... enough said! 


Top Achievements:

  1. Sending “in the cloud” (V12/8A+) 
  2. Making finals I. Speed at world youth champs
  3. Making semi-finals at my first 2 lead world cups
  4. Making semi-finals at my first boulder World Cup
  5. Finishing 8th in bouldering at world youth champs