Black Diamond Equipment® is voluntarily replacing a batch of Ascension Nylon Climbing Skins produced from January to March 2021.

The reason for the replacement is that a particular batch manufactured during the noted timeline does not meet Black Diamond’s product standards due to a glue-to-plush bond issue causing accelerated glue failure during use. Black Diamond will replace all affected skins, either with a replacement of the Ascension Nylon Climbing Skins or a substitution with its GlideLite Mohair Mix Climbing Skins, and is asking its customers to check the skins date code to see if it matches the affected models.

Instructions to find the date code: Locate the tail (where the black rubber strap attaches to the orange skin). On the same side of the glue and protective paper there is a 4-digit code stamped into the black aluminum tail hardware.

If the date code on your skins matches the above chart, please submit a warranty claim HERE.

For further information or questions related to this issue, email us directly at or call 800-775-5552.