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Live. Climb. Repeat. with Nalle Hukkataival

Monday, September 16, 2019
BD Athlete Nalle Hukkatiaval is driven by first ascents. For him, the moment of actually climbing a boulder problem is secondary—a mere 10%—compared to the hard work of actually unearthing the line. But just because you have the vision of how a sequence should unfold doesn’t guarantee that you can do the moves. Is it too hard? Does it even go? Check out this new film documenting one of Nalle’s latest battles with one of America’s hardest boulder problems.
Video: Mind Frame Cinema

For BD Athlete Nalle Hukkataival, a first ascent is so much more than just the moment you top out. 

“To do a first ascent, it’s a whole different process,” explains BD Athlete Nalle Hukkataival. “The actual ‘putting a crash pad down and chalking your hands and going up it part’ is like 10% of it, if even I’d say.” 

That process—one which involves not only vision, but the hard work to bring that vision to life—is what drives Nalle in life. For over a decade, he has been on a perpetual road trip, bouncing from South Africa, to Colorado, to Las Vegas, to Australia, and beyond in search of hard, untouched, virgin boulders. Nalle’s testpieces, which now span the globe, have not only given him the reputation as one of climbing’s premier visionaries, but they’ve also broken barriers, and ushered the bouldering into the modern age, with some of the world’s first V16’s and V17’s. 

But what happens when a devout first ascensionist like Nalle puts in all the work required to unearth a next-level project, but that final “10%” of actually piecing it all together eludes him? 

That’s where the true test of a lifer’s merit is measured. And in this film, we catch a glimpse of Nalle’s enduring spirit and what it really means to
Live. Climb. Repeat. 

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