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BD Athlete Seb Bouin: First Ascents in Turkey—Episode 3 Lily’s Eye

Thursday, September 5, 2019
After making the first ascent of Lily’s Eye 8c+ (5.14c), BD Athlete Seb Bouin and his mom enjoy the Turkish lifestyle, and, of course, Seb bolts a futuristic extension to a route, ensuring that one day soon he’ll be back …
Video: Sam Bie

This third episode is about Turkish lifestyle, trying hard projects, and taping to survive!

Turkey is a country quite different from France. It was nice to see another culture and be disoriented by this lifestyle.

Datça is on a peninsula. So, there is the beach near the crag, and the landscape is amazing.

People are really friendly. And the food … the food is so nice. You can eat kebab, fish, and baklava all day! There are amazing markets where you can find a ton of local food: spices, fruits and vegetables, olives, honey, bread …

It's a perfect mix for a climbing trip!

During this trip, we also climbed on the classic sectors. One of them, Canbaba, is really impressive by the quality of the routes and tufas.

I tried in this one a project from Klemen Becan called "Out of Energy.” This name could summarize the end of our trip …

This project is a long route with a bouldery crux near the top. There is a first beautiful 8a+ to join the bouldery section. This crux is super tricky. There are a few weird moves to put yourself in the right position before jumping onto a good tufa. The body turns during the dyno, and if you don't have the power to control your body with the left hand, you just fly in the air.

I injured my finger trying this section too many times.

So, on my last day there, I bolted an extension to this route in order to make something harder.

I have to come back.

During this trip, the rest days were too luxurious for us. We wanted so much to bolt and climb that we were just mixing climbing days and bolting days. Yet, we felt the limits of our bodies (finger, shoulder, back, elbow). I tried to prevent the start of injuries with tape. Taping was definitely part of the trip.

The passion is the passion, we are fanatics, we will finish the day at night, and the trip on the last day. 
Even if we finished the trip a bit broken it was a great and memorable experience.

Turkey, Volvere!

--BD Athlete Seb Bouin

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