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PIEPS Jetforce SC Pack 20L


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The PIEPS JetForce SC 20 utilizes the rapid-discharging, capacitor-based Alpride E1 system, which is a new innovation in airbag pack technology. Featuring a fully-electronic, turbine-based fan system powered by supercapacitors, the PIEPS JetForce SC 20 is cartridge free, making travel easy, and it charges via a micro USB and two AA batteries. The system is compact and simple to use, with a single on/off switch and blinking status indicator lights that can be visibly checked from the outside of the pack while being worn. The pack’s mechanical deploy trigger can be switched from shoulder to shoulder for customized preference, and once the pack is deployed, two AA batteries will recharge the capacitors in less than one hour while in the field. The pack features a dedicated avalanche safety pocket, which stows a shovel handle, probe and shovel blade perfectly.

Product Features

  • JetForce SC Alpride Firmware Update
  • Alpride E1 supercapacitor airbag system is cutting-edge, rechargeable, and powerful
  • Charges in less than 1 hour via micro USB or AA batteries
  • Good for Multiple deployments with spare set of AA batteries
  • Dedicated avy-equipment pocket
  • Net weight - 2540 grams (5.6 lbs)

2 Year Warranty

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