The mid-layer is the unsung hero of any successful day in the mountains. Not directly next to skin, yet not shielding you from the outer elements, a great mid-layer sits perfectly in-between, working hard to keep you warm while not overheating. Our fleece mid-layers are designed for optimal thermoregulation, blending innovative technology with comfort and functionality. From our Coefficient collection built for high output activities, to our heavier Factor series engineered for colder days, our fleeces may just steal the glory of your layering system.

Black Diamond photographer wearing the Coefficient LT hybrid hoody.

A backcountry skier wearing the Black Diamond Coefficient Fleece hoody.
A runner wears the Black Diamond Women's Coefficient LT Hybrid Hoody on a frigid morning run.
A climber warms up on a hang board wearing the Black Diamond Coefficient Fleece hoody.