Video: Chris Schulte

As an inveterate boulderer, the history of Fontainebleau continues to inspire BD Ambassador Chris Schulte.  

“People have been bouldering here for over 100 years, which is pretty amazing,” he says in this film documenting highlights from his last season in the “magic forest.” 

Schulte has been making the pilgrimage to Font for the last 15 years, and still he finds reasons to return. 

“There’s so much here,” he explains. “Not just variety and volume, but so many things that are right up my alley, like exactly what I like to do. And that’s a big part of what keeps me coming back. That and the wine and pastries.” 

On his recent trip to the forest, Schulte discovered that even Fontainebleau has virgin lines waiting to be climbed.  

“I’ve always assumed that in such a popular and historic area full of talented climbers from all over the place, anything and everything has been done,” he says. “Which of course isn’t the case …”  

Watch as Schulte unveils new problems in the mecca of all bouldering areas.