Portrait of Kyle Richardson
  • Longs Peak FKT
  • Flatiron Quinfecta FKT
  • Green Mountain RoundTrip FKT
  • LA Freeway FKT
  • Tempo Film Series (Boulder, CO & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Kyle Richardson is a Colorado-based professional runner and mountain athlete who is best known for his high-stakes, high-speed endurance feats in the Rocky Mountains. "I feel the most at home when I’m outside pushing my body to its limits. I draw my inspiration from the landscape and use this to push myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have a deep sense of appreciation and respect for the mountains, and it is where I feel most alive.” A true 4-season Athlete with the love of self-powered missions, Kyle embodies the BD spirit and ethos.

The Distance 8 is the perfect pack for lightweight alpine running missions. It can hold everything from trekking poles to an ice axe all in a small package with easy upfront storage for hydration and nutrition. The pack simply works and allows you to point and keep your focus on the terrain.


Kyle Richardson running with the Distance 8 running pack.