Unstoppable power with unparalleled stability

Innovation through experience is what we’re all about here Black Diamond. Our equipment is born from our own missions, putting gear to the test while moving through mountains. It sometimes takes years. Breaking down the weaknesses, again and again, and going back to the lab. But through this process rises equipment that performs—both for us and for our global community of mountain lovers.

This is how the Distance LT 1100 was developed. We needed a light that was built to shine on endurance missions and stay stable while worn by speedsters like Black Diamond Athlete Hillary Gerardi.

What we designed is a lightweight, yet extremely powerful headlamp that has an innovative minimal pivot design that provides unparalleled stability and high-output lighting while running through rugged mountains.

Rechargeable, with features built for the trail, this is true engineered lighting ready to go the distance.

Engineered to Go the Distance: Hillary Gerardi Runs the Distance LT 1100 Headlamp

BD athlete Hillary Gerardi wearing the Distance LT 1100 headlamp.
The Distance LT 1100 headlamp.

HOW TO: Operate Your Distance LT 1100 Headlamp