My name is Chae-hyun, I am a 14 year old middle school student. My mother and father are 
both climbers. Currently I am dedicated to exercise in my father's indoor gym.
My father and I are 5.14 climbers and my mother is 5.13 climber.
My highest grade is 5.14a and the onsite grade is 5.13b. I am doing both sports climbing and ice 
climbing, and this year's goal is to be a national player with my dad at Ice Climbing World Cup.
Above all, I dream of becoming an all around climber. I have the opportunity to climb abroad 
when I am 10 years old, and I was able to improve my skills by experiencing climbing in high 
places in various climbing regions of the world such as Spain, Greece and USA. As a result, I am
able to set my goals to be more specific and to be more active in training.
I have some of the youngest climbing records in my country and I was able to get a lot of 
support from around. I am grateful to all sponsors and I will always do my best to meet these 
expectations.  I am going to try to be a best athlete in the competition, and also aim to become a 5.15 climber 
with a goal of this year's Bad girls club (5.14d) - rifle, USA.

Discipline: Rock climbing
Currently Living:

What does BD mean to you?

It is a brand that has always been a dream and a sponsor that can lead the process of growing as a world climber.

Favorite Products

  1. Ultralight chalkbag: This chalk bag is lightweight and does not feel worn, and the chalk is evenly applied to your hand, so it is very useful when you need to chalk quickly when you are holding a bad hold while climbing.
  2. Zone harness: When I wear a Zone Harness, I feel like I have not worn anything, and my body seems to be lighter. It is also beautiful in color, I like the design, and it keeps me stable when I fall.
  3. Shadow climbing shoes: The Shadow climbing shoes have a soft out sole, with excellent hook and-hook performance, and excellent grip when standing on the volume hold. It also keeps your feet stable and comfortable even if you climbing all day long

Top Achievements

1. Has a lot of the youngest climbing records in Korea.
2. Finished two 5.14a. (US Red River Highland, Rifle, etc.)
3. Climbing 30 routes of 5.13, as well as 5.14, ranked on 4th place in junior (female) on 
climbing site.
4. Bad Girls Club(5.14d) is going to be finished this year by solving all of its movement.
5. Has a record of the female first ascent (Winter Rambo 5.13d) of Korea's route at Mountain 
6. Has many winning career in domestic youth and middle school competition.