Built To Tame the monster

Built To Tame the monster

In the days of yore....

There was once fear when you confronted the gaping maw of a heinous, unprotectable wide pitch.

Today, you can finally control that fear. Because hanging from your harness is a shiny new #7 and #8 Camalot C4, waiting to tame the monster.

That’s right. We’ve completed the extension to the indelible Camalot line.

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Dream Big

For BD’s design engineers, this has been a clandestine dream that’s finally become a reality.

“We wanted to give climbers fully certified cams in this size range,” says Jeremy Steck, lead Design Engineer of the project. “We also wanted to provide cams of this size that have been put through the paces in terms of product development and field testing as well as inline production quality measures.”

Developing certified cams this big wasn’t without a fair number of challenges, however. Simply “scaling up” our current Camalot C4’s didn’t quite unfold as initially planned.

“When we recently revamped the C4’s, I had messed around with a #7,” says Steck. “I thought it was going to be pretty straight forward so I just scaled up a #6 and made a few prototypes.”

To Steck’s surprise, those initial prototypes failed under a load of less than 5kN.

“There was clearly something going on that was different for a cam this size,” says Steck. “Turns out it was understanding and managing the buckling of the cam lobes.”

Solving for the buckling issue took a while to figure out, according to Steck. The obvious solution of just making the lobes thicker wasn’t totally viable, since cams this size would quickly reach a weight too heavy for a climber to carry. 

“I had to go back to the basics and nerd out on stuff like Eigenvalue Buckling for a bit,” says Steck. “After many hours of FEA simulations, several rounds of prototypes, countless laboratory tests, many scary hours of field testing followed by iteration after iteration, we arrived at a design we’re proud to include in our tried and true Camalot C4 line.”

Featuring our innovative trigger keeper, which keeps these big guys retracted for compact racking and immediately releases when they’re deployed, the #7 and #8 Camalot C4’s are ready to be placed in those previously unprotectible fissures of fear.

“I’m sure every trad climber out there has found themselves in a spot, a least once in their climbing career, where they were shitting their pants and wishing that they had something like this,” adds Steck. 

So, regardless of whether you’re a bonafide wide crack masochist, or just a climber looking for adventure … finally, your rack is complete.

Tame the Monster

Purchase the Tame the Monster Tee (sold below) or a #7 / #8 Camalot C4 and support the Access Fund. For the month of April, all net proceeds of our #7 and #8 Camalots and the Tame the Monster T-shirt will be donated to the Access Fund, a non-profit with a mission to keep climbing areas open and conserve the climbing environment. It’s time to tame the monster.


•    Innovative trigger keeper for compact racking
•    Sling is updated visually for easier differentiation when racking
•    Double-axle design offers the widest range ever invented
•    C-Loop continuous cable stem design is strong and durable
•    Color-coded for easy identification
•    LiteWire Rackpack available for easy racking (see Carabiners)

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