Portrait of Bjorn Leines
  • 2 X Exposure meter #1
  • TW Snow Overall Rider of the year
  • Best Video part of the year
  • XGAMES Medalist Ultimate Boarder Champion
  • 30+ video Parts Member US snow
  • Team 98ʼ Olympic DNS
  • 3 X Video Game Character
  • Voted top Ten riders of all time

Known for his fearless, skate-inspired riding style, Bjorn Leines is a living legend in the snowboard world, having graced the covers of snowboard magazines since their inception, and winning the coveted title, Rider of the Year. Whether he’s deep in the Wasatch backcountry sending massive cliffs, or ripping spines in AK, Bjorn has inspired riders around the world for over two decades. Based in Salt Lake City, Leines continues to push the boundaries of snowboarding, while mentoring the next generation of riders by sharing the deep wealth of knowledge he’s amassed through years of experience. A self-proclaimed “student of the mountains,” Leines is still growing, still shredding, and still pioneering what it means to #liveriderepeat.⠀

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Bjorn goes big